Visa Assistance

The company has many years of experience in providing complete visa services for employees going to overseas.

Ticket Assistance

We take the responsibility of providing the tickets for the recruit’s since have linkage with renowned national and international travel agencies.


If the client needs outside professionals to screen the primary applicants, conduct interviews, get references, call a list of your candidates, or anything out of the ordinary, we can help you here as well.

Staffing Services

GRA ensures best talented staffing services from home and abroad for your organization. If our clients require short term or even full time employees for your organizations we are ready to come forward with your needs..




Welcome to RS & Sons Overseas Ltd.

We take pride in our established reputation and credibility as a leading international recruitment agency specializing in outsourcing human resources globally. With a commitment to excellence, we invite you to appoint us as your trusted Recruitment Agent. Our expertise lies in designing and executing professional recruitments, earning us recognition as one of the best recruitment companies in the region. RS & Sons Overseas Ltd. focuses on catering to diverse nationalities seeking employment opportunities in The Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe zone.

Beyond our global reach, we are dedicated to making a positive impact locally. RS & Sons Overseas Ltd. is committed to creating employment opportunities for socioeconomically marginalized and deprived individuals in the grassroots communities         of Bangladesh. With low-cost yet superior services compared to other agencies, our commitment to honesty ensures the satisfaction of both workers and the clients.

In addition to recruitment, we actively contribute to the career development and future prospects of local students with aspirations to go abroad. Our initiatives include providing skill-based training to unskilled individuals and students, equipping them with expertise to pave the way for a brighter future.

At RS & Sons Overseas Ltd., we uphold the promise of delivering “The right employee for the right position.” Thank you for considering us as your recruitment partner.



Managing Director Rs & Sons Overseas Ltd.

Embark on a journey through the remarkable life of MD. Somsur Rahman, a visionary entrepreneur and the heartbeat of our company. Born in 1971, to the proud parents Haji Md. Mahmod Ali and Joitun Nessa, MD. Somsur Rahman’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Read More


Why choose us?

RS & Sons Overseas Ltd. aims to become a leading organization in both services and products. It is a client focused company, committed to being the best to differentiate as a service provider. We expertise our workers through training and we train them on the rules of foreign countries.

We provide people who are well known for their hard work, warmth and integrity. Our objective has always been to offer our clients highly capable human resources and an unmatched level of expertise.

Manpower Category


Administrative and Management Staffs


Technical (Skilled & Semiskilled)


Engineer / Foreman / Supervisor


Official work personal


Skilled Worker


Unskiled Worker